Sunday, October 18, 2009

Top Three on Project Runway

The first runway show didn't reveal itself in the clothes but in the final model:

Look closely at the model...

It's Tanishia! And who is she the real model for??? Althea! Solved the puzzle. I could totally see the first collection coming from Althea too.

Moving onto the second collection, after I saw the first challenge and the second collection the person who made it was extremely clear. Look at this dress:

Look at this dress from the show:

The top is exactly the same. It is most definitely made by the same person. Also, her normal model is wearing it:

For the third I'm not sure. When the pictures of the collections came out everyone said that the third was the best, and the only one left that I think could beat Althea and Carol Hannah is Irina, so I'm going with Irina for the win, Althea Second, and Carol Hannah third.